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Automates the wringing operation that is currently only done manually. Fregomatic™ automatically wrings out industrial mops, flat mops, cloths…

No pedal, no lever and NO EFFORT.

Take advantage of
its benefits

sick leave

No effort is required to wring out the mop and you can carry your Fregomatic™ on wheels.

Vertical Draining: More hygiene

The automatic vertical wringing system, from the top down to the tips, leaves the mop cleaner and also removes excess water.


You only need to charge the battery after 700 to 1,000 wringing operations. With built-in charge indicator. As easy as charging your mobile phone.


Fits most mops, buckets and double bucket systems on the market. Also suitable for wringing out cleaning cloths and cloths.

Effortless, without levers or pedals

Kit Fregomatic™

 Automatic wringer

Manufactured in a watertight manner. Using superior quality materials such as steel and fibreglass, and careful technical precision.

 Battery charger

When the battery indicator shows a low charge level, connect the smart charger to the mains for a quick 4-5 hour recharge. Don't worry about it thanks to its long autonomy of more than 700 wringing operations.

 Fregomatic™ Clamp

Equipped with a magnetic system for automatic activation of the squeegee and compatible with mops (up to 450 gr.) and handles on the market.

Optional accessories

and health

 Wheeled bucket

Robust 20 litre capacity bucket. With wheels and handle. Maximum mobility on flat surfaces (360º rotation). Ideal size and height for your Fregomatic™.

 Double bucket trolley

You can use Fregomatic™ on the cleaning trolleys by placing it directly on the double bucket. Simplify the equipment by avoiding unnecessary structures. Place Fregomatic™ at the lowest level next to the bucket, for better postural hygiene and ergonomics.

Doble cubo

How does
it work?

Pinza Adaptador fregomatic

Attach the mop and handle to the Fregomatic™ clamp.

Escurrido fregomatic

Insert the wet mop into the wringer to automatically activate the wringing operation.

Botón de escurrido manual

Fregomatic™ has a button to activate automatic wringing if you wish to use flat mops, cleaning cloths or cloths, or your own industrial mop clamps. You can wring out just the tips if you wish.

Indicador de batería

You always have the option of observing the charge level of your Fregomatic™ by simply pressing the button.