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FREGOLA™ is the only APPLIANCE that allows you to AUTOMATICALLY WRING your mop.

Simple to use, small and easy to handle, it effortlessly performs a 60 kg wringing operation on the mop, compared to the 35 kg exerted by a person of average build.

fregola escurriendo

Effortless cleaning


 Prevents injuries

With traditional mops, the enormous and damaging effort of wringing causes wrist, arm, shoulder and back injuries in the long run. Avoid it! With Fregola™ you will wring without effort.

 Facilitates mobility

It is cordless and requires no pressure for wringing, so you can use the bucket on wheels for effortless mobility.

 Dries faster

By leaving the mop more wrung out it will clean better with less wetting of the surface, making it ideal for delicate floors and parquet.

 High performance

Clean more comfortably and faster both in the company and at home. A household appliance that cares for your health and well-being.

Kit Fregola

Kit Fregola

 Automatic wringer

Small household appliance made mainly of steel and fibreglass, battery-operated. It performs a 60 kg wringing operation effortlessly, compared to the 35 kg manually exerted by a person of average build.

 Wheeled bucket

Maximum mobility with minimum effort. With highly durable, removable wheels for easy movement on flat surfaces (360° swivel). Use the handle to change the water.

 Battery charger

The long-life battery provides a battery life of approximately 700 wrings. You can recharge the battery as easily as charging your mobile phone.

 Handle adapter

Our mop adapter can be fitted to almost any traditional mop handle and is equipped with a magnetic device that will activate the automatic proximity wringing.

 Synthetic mop

Designed for easy cleaning on all types of floors. 65% viscose and 35% polyester. Highest textile quality.

The bucket, charger, handle adapter and mops can also be purchased separately as spare parts.

How does
it work?

adaptador fregola

Attach the mop to the universal mop stick / handle you have at home using the Fregola™ adapter.

escurrido fregola

Insert the entire mop into the basket and tilt the handle slightly so that the adapter comes close to the edge relief and then pull it apart again. Fregola™ will perform the wringing operation.

carga fregola

You will be able to perform more than 600 wrings on a fully charged battery. When necessary, connect the charger to the Fregola™ charging base.


Preferences when cleaning the floor depend on the tastes and needs of each person. Sprimsol offers the following mop options for your Fregola™. All of them of high quality and great durability.

Synthetic Mop

Recommended for all types of floors. Multipurpose mop. Efficient drying. High quality and durable soft fabric.

Spunlace Mop

Recommended mainly for floors with low moisture tolerance, such as parquet or terrazzo floors. High absorption capacity. High resistance. High performance mop, removes a large amount of dirt.

Microfibre Mop

Recommended mainly for floors with low moisture tolerance, such as parquet or terrazzo floors. Helps to reduce the amount of chemicals used. Optimal dirt pick-up.

Recycled Cotton Mop

Recommended for all types of floors, except those that do not tolerate humidity well. High tolerance and resistance to chemicals. Retains a lot of water in the mop.