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Sprimsol - Escurridores automáticos

Sprimsol - Escurridores automáticos

Technology & Quality of Life
In the service of cleanliness

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More than 20 years of applying technology to optimise daily cleaning tasks in the professional sector and in the home.

We manufacture innovative, high-quality products that help save time and improve cleanliness, avoiding unnecessary strain and irreversible injuries.

Our automatic wringers for floor cleaning automate the wringing out function of mops, cloths…

evita lesiones

and Health

It drains effortlessly, prevents back, arm and wrist injuries and minimises sick leave.

Durabilidad de materiales

Quality, Reliability and Durability

Made from steel and fibreglass parts. Performance you can trust. Products built to last.

Fabricado en españa

Products manufactured
in Spain

From our facilities located in the south of Andalusia, we manufacture our automatic wringers and distribute them all over the world.

We transform your work.

Our wringers

Cleaning solutions
for home
and business
Cleaning solutions
for professionals
Technology and innovation

Internationally awarded

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